Fluid Mechanics with Naval Applications
 J. Alan Adams, Ph.D.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
United States Naval Academy

Each lecture below contains Objectives, Theory, Solutions and Review Questions that
complement formal classroom lectures. Mathcad 2001i Professional-Academic edition is used.

      Users external to USNA will need Mathcad 2001i or higher to read the .mcd files.
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Chapter 1:  Fluid Statics

  •    Air Pressure Variation with Height(I-1.htm)
  •    Immersion(I-2.htm)
  •    Flotation of a Hollow Sphere in Seawater(I-3.htm)
  •    Interpolation and Curve Fitting(I-4.htm)
  •    Static Pressure in a Fluid with Variable Specific Weight(I-5.htm)
  •    Static Force in a Fluid with Variable Specific Weight(I-6.htm)
  •    Ocean Pressure as a Function of  Depth(I-7.htm)
  • Chapter 2:  Buoyancy and Ship Stability Chapter 3: Potential Flow Chapter 4: Lift and Drag Chapter 5: Incompressible Internal Viscous Flow Chapter 6: Panel Methods for Low Speed Aerodynamics Chapter 7: Internal Compressible Flow Chapter 8: Transient Fluid Flow Chapter 9:  Turbomachinery