Applied Graphics and Geometry
Interactive Examples (AGGIE-Volume 1)
 J. Alan Adams, Ph.D.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
United States Naval Academy

Each lecture below contains a Task, Theory, Solutions and Review Questions that
complement classroom lectures and self paced study. Mathcad 2001i Professional-Academic edition is used.

      Users external to USNA will need Mathcad 2001i or higher to read the .mcd files.
      Use Microsoft Internet Explorer to download the .mcd files to your computer.

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Chapter 1:  Graphic Transformations

  •  Rotation of Data to Create Orthographic Views at Specified Eye Position(I-1.htm)
  •  Rotation of Data to Create Orthographic Views from Normal Eye Position(I-2.htm)
  •  Isometric Projection(I-3.htm)
  • Use of Homogeneous Coordinates to Create Orthographic Views(I-4.htm)
  • Translation and Rotatiion using Homogeneous Coordinates(I-5.htm)
  • Rotations and Projections(I-6.htm)
  • Noncommutative Nature of 3D Rotations(I-7.htm)
  • Rotation and Translation(I-8.htm)
  • Projections of a Trapezoid(I-9.htm)
  • Interpretatiion of Surface Plots(I-10.htm)
  • Trimetric Projection(I-11.htm)
  • Isometric and Dimetric Projections(I-12.htm)
  • Simple Origami of Triangular Facets(I-13.htm)
  • Rotation about a Local Axis(I-14.htm)
  • Reflection through a Plane(I-15.htm)
  • Right Hand and Left Hand Coordinates(I-16.htm)
  • Local Scaling and Transformation(I-17.htm)
  • Overall Scaling(I-18.htm)
  • Local Shearing(I-19.htm)
  • Order of 3-D Rotations(I-20.htm)
  • Rotation about Parallel Principal Axes(I-21.htm)
  • Multiple Rotations about Parallel Principal Axes(I-22.htm)
  • Perspective Transformations(I-23.htm)
  • One and Two Point Perspectives of I-Beam(I-24.htm)
  • Perspective Views and Vanishing Points of a Prism(I-25.htm)
  • Stereo Pair(I-26)
  • Arbitrary Plane of Projection(I-27.htm)
  • Three Dimensional Reconstruction(I-28)
  • Transformation Reconstruction(I-29)
  • Transformation Reconstruction using Two Photographs(I-30)
  • Chapter 2:  Geometric Modeling

    Chapter 3: Geometric Construction

    Chapter 4: Curves and Surfaces

    Chapter 5: Advanced Curve Definition