Applied Graphics and Geometry
Interactive Examples (AGGIE-Volume 2)
 J. Alan Adams, Ph.D.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
United States Naval Academy

Each lecture below contains a Task, Theory, Solutions and Review Questions that
complement classroom lectures and self paced study. Mathcad 2001i Professional-Academic edition is used.

      Users external to USNA will need Mathcad 2001i or higher to read the .mcd files.
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Chapter 1:  Introduction to Parametric Surfaces

  •  Design using Analytical Surfaces(I-1.htm)
  •  Parametric Lofted Surface(I-2.htm)
  •  Modified Torus Surface(I-3.htm)
  • Quadric Surfaces(I-4.htm)
  • Parabolically Blended Surfaces of Revolution(I-5.htm)
  • Surface Assembly(I-6.htm)
  • Further Surface Assembly(I-7.htm)
  • Vertical Helix Surface(I-8.htm)
  • Line Sweep with Rotation(I-9.htm)
  • Cubic Spline Sweep Surface(I-10.htm)
  • Piecewise Cubic Spline Sweep Surface(I-11.htm)
  • Complex Sweep Surfaces(I-12.htm)
  • Bilinear Surface(I-13.htm)
  • Lofted Surface(I-14.htm)
  • Surface Area of Parabolically Blended Surface(I-15.htm)
  • Analytical and Lofted Surface Patches(I-16.htm)
  • Practical Analytical Shapes(I-17.htm)
  • Cycloid Surface of Revolution(I-18.htm)
  • Intersection between Ellipse and Hyperbola(I-19.htm)
  • Normal Distribution Function(I-20.htm)
  • Chapter 2:  Bezier and B-Spline Surfaces

    Chapter 3:  Rational B-Spline Surfaces

    Chapter 4: Design with Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines(NURBS)

    Chapter 5:  Advanced Surfaces Chapter 6:  Review Examples