TOPIC:  Kinematic Analyses of 4-Bar Linkages
COURSE:  Dynamics   LEVEL: College-Sophomore  SOFTWARE USED:  Mathcad

Optional Video Preliminaries to Lecture (Not recommended for MODEM users.)
a.  Introduction with Piano
b.  Notation for 4-Bar Linkages
c.  Grashof Criteria for a 4-Bar
d. Grashof Criteria Applied to Piano Pedal
e.  Use of a Toy Model to Introduce a Trace Point
f. 4-Bar Model and Trace Point
g. Trace Point Motion
h.  More Trace Point Motion
i. Credits with Music

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LECTURE 1:  Numerical Solutions to Loop Equations
LECTURE 2: Instantaneous Vector Loop Analysis
LECTURE 3:  Use of Published Analytical Solutions
LECTURE 4:  Programmed Graphical Solutions

AUTHOR:  Dr. J. Alan Adams (