SO 442 - Tropical Meteorology

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Course syllabus

Course policy

Online (free!) Tropical Meteorology textbook

Tropical weather briefing

Weather discussion grading rubric

Links to useful tropical weather briefing sites
1. NHC
2. University of Wisconsin satellite and shear
3. UCAR RAL track and intensity models
4. Tropical Prediction Center surface analysis
    TPC marine analysis home page

Lecture Notes

Lesson 1- Introduction to the tropics

Lesson 2- Tropical circulation and scaling

Lesson 3- Tropical cyclone introduction

Lesson 4- Tropical easterly (African) waves

Lesson 5- More on tropical cyclones

Lesson 6- The Madden-Julian Oscillation
    MJO intro- Davies part 1 & 2

Lesson 7- The El Niņo-Southern Oscillation

Lesson 8- Monsoon circulations


Lab 1 Global base states and seasonal variability

Lab 2 Tropical cyclones and environment interaction


Assignment 1 Introduction to the tropics

Assignment 2 Introduction to tropical cyclone formation
    - Article Gray 1968

Assignment 3 More on tropical cyclones

Assignment 4 The MJO