SO 442 - Tropical Meteorology

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Course syllabus

Course policy

Online (free!) Tropical Meteorology textbook

Tropical weather briefing

Weather discussion guidelines and rubric

Links to useful tropical weather briefing sites
1. NHC
2. Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)
3. University of Wisconsin satellite and shear
4. UCAR RAL track and intensity models
5. Tropical Prediction Center surface analysis
    TPC marine analysis home page
6. Dr. Brian Tang's U.Albany TC Page
7. Dr. Alan Brammer's U.Albany TC Page

Lecture Notes

Lesson 1- Introduction to the tropics

Lesson 2- Tropical circulation and scaling

Lesson 3- Tropical cyclone climatology

Lesson 4- Remote sensing (part 1- Vis/IR/WV)

Lesson 5- Remote sensing (part 2- Microwave)

Lesson 6- Tropical cyclone formation

Lesson 7- Tropical cyclone potential intensity

Lesson 8- African Easterly Jet

Lesson 9- African Easterly Waves

Lesson 10- Madden-Julian Oscillation

Lesson 11- TC Motion

Lesson 12- Other TC genesis mechanisms

Lesson 13- Determining TC intensity

Lesson 14- TC Dynamics - Inertial Stability

Lesson 15- TC Dynamics - Eyewall Replacement

Lesson 16- El Niņo-Southern Oscillation

Lesson 17- The Fujiwhara effect (aka Binary interaction)

Lesson 18- Monsoon circulations


Lab 1 Global base states and seasonal variability

Lab 2 Tropical cyclones and environment interaction

Lab 3 Inertial stability and outflow
    TC outflow paper

Lab 4 ENSO and seasonal forecasting
    IRI Columbia ENSO forecasts
    NWS Jet Stream ENSO


Assignment 1 Introduction to the tropics

Assignment 2 Microwave Remote Sensing

Assignment 3 TC formation
    Gray (1968)

Assignment 4 The MJO