SO470C - Meteorology Capstone

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   Course policy & syllabus (modified 13 Jan 2019)

   Citation homework

   Advice from 2010, 2011, and 2012
   Picking a topic, and appropriate sources
   Paper grading rubric (part of policy stmt)
   Journal of Young Investigators: Guide to Scientific Writing

Journal search links
   American Meteorological Society (AMS)
   ProQuest Atmospheric Science collection

Citation example: COMET module
   COMET, 2004: Ensemble forecasting explained. University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Module 156.

Where can I get data?
    EdMAPS data repository from the USNA Oceanography Dept
    NCAR Research Data Archive Great source for gridded datasets (you need to create a free acct)
    ERA-Interim from the ECMWF (you need to create a free acct first)
    NCDC Land-based datasets and products: at certain stations (KNAK, for example), T, Td, rainfall, wind direction & speed; also archived radar data (and a link to a plotting software)
    NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory:Gridded and reanalaysis data (make plots, download raw NetCDF data)
    Plymouth State University: Wide archive of meteorological data

What are the format guidelines for my capstone paper?
    Oceanography department paper guidelines, particularly the title page