FOSS Geomorphometry

This workshop, presented in October 2013 at Geomorphometry 2013 in Nanjing, China, provides an introduction to Free and Open Source Software for Geomorphometry.  Some people will insist and on both "free" and "open source" modifying each program, but we will take a more expansive view and include both "freeware" and "open source".  Freeware is software that is free to use, but does not include source code. 


This workshop builds on

Hengle and Reuter (2009) Book

Why not one single free GIS program?

Why not open source (this applies in particular to MICRODEM)?

Data Format Interoperability

Geographic versus UTM DEMs. 

Slope map comparison

Command line versus GUI--personal preference, but for many, it is a strong preference

Program Capabilities

Web Services--shift the data storage and processing burden onto the cloud.  ESRI will have viewsheds, topographic profiles, watershed delineation.......  Some are there now; subscription required.

Software on flash drive

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