Very nice blog on why ILWIS exists, in addition to QGIS, which also applies to MICRODEM.

Open DEM

  • Operation Tree
  • Import/Export
  • Import Via GDAL

Import creates an "object".  If you did not give it a name, the default will look something like this.

Open Map icon

  • Select the object
  • A new window will open with the map


DEM Visualization creates (very slowly) a hillshade and opens a new map.

Import shape file

  • Operation-Tree, Import/Export, Import Map (via GDAL has problems)
  • Pick the shapefile
  • Insure you set a new name (otherwise you will get a file with no name)
  • Program will create 5files, and will show two of them in the directories
  • To put atop another map, use the Add Layer on the other map (either menu or toolbar button

Last revision 10/9/2013