Fracture Zone and Crust Ages

At a transform fault or fracture zone, the crust on the two sides with be a different age, and a different depth.  The crust will have the same spreading rate, because both sides will be the same angular distance from the Euler pole controlling the motion.

Identified marine magnetic anomalies (blue) in a region of the southern Atlantic Ocean.

Fracture zones in red.

The adjacent "1" which look like "11" show the ridge.

At the fracture zones, the anomaly is different on each side.  The will mean a different age, and depth.

If a magnetic profile crossed a fracture zone, you could see a repetition or omission of anomalies, depending on which way the profile went.
Age model of the same region, showing the changes on either side of the fracture zones.

Last revision 10/6/2016