GLORIA Gulf of Mexico

Data sets provided (Geology program version, File, Geology labs)

Subset & zoom Insure that you zoom in as appropriate because the data will not readily fit on screen.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Why did the GLORIA survey stop where it did to the north, where it did not cover most of the offshore oil wells?
  2. What is the swath width of the GLORIA system, and how could you tell from the sidecan imagery?  Which is easier to see, the track centerlines or the edges where they were stitched together?
  3. What causes the "No data" on the geological interpretation?  Does the sidescan imagery or the bathymetry better show this?
  4. How does the salt show up in the sidescan imagery or the bathymetry?
  5. Topographic Profiles Draw profiles of the Sigsbee escarpment and the eastern edge of the Gulf near Florida.  How do they differ?
  6. Predicted sea floor ages What is the age of the seafloor in the Gulf of Mexico, and what was the orientation of the ridge that created it?
  7. Sediment Thickness What is the thickness of the sediments in this region?
  8. Magnetic anomaly maps.  Is there a normal pattern of anomalies in the sea floor?  Should there have been (e.g. was it perhaps created during the long Creataceous normal polarity interval)?

Last revision  6/29/2017