Manage Map Library Data Base

Create and manage  map library database index on Create/Index menu of  Data Manipulation button on Main Program Toolbar .

The Library uses the following types of data, which go in first level subdirectories under c:\mapdata\indexed_data:

Under each directory for a type of data you can place as many series as you want, each in their own subdirectory.  Each series should be the same type of data and scale, and allow merging. You can turn series on/off so they appear on index maps.

  • Create: make a new file, which will be c:\mapdata\data_index.dbf, and index all data in c:\mapdata\indexed_data and its subdirectories. 
  • Update: add files that have been added since the index file was created or updated.  You can select the types of data, and the series to update, for faster operations.
  • Add files from another drive:  to use this, select the drive location, like p:\mapdata\indexed_data, which must have the correct first level subdirectories.
  • Verify files and remove those that are not valid from the index.
  • Adjust series color/usage

To use the map library with other map data:

Last revision 8/31/2018