Natural Earth Vector Files

Used by world vector outlines.

The world outlines use vector shapefiles from Natural Earth.  See their documentation about caveats with boundaries; use of their data does not imply any endorsement of disputed boundaries.  You are also encouraged to check their web site for updates.

The easiest way to get this is to download everything for physical and cultural for the scales you want, unzip, and place in c:\mapdata\database\natural_earth_vector.  This gives you some layers you don't need (like graticules), but will be simpler and faster.

Prep OSM/Natural Earth/GADM shapefile  should be done to make it easier to use.

Layer Large scale 1:10m Medium scale 1:50m Small scale 1:110m
Source Download data sets inside program

(does not include US and Europe supplementary data)

Download data sets inside program Included in full install of program
Overall size 80  MB 9.6 MB 1.9 MB
Rivers 1403 records 458 records 14 records
Lakes 1338 records 397 records 26 records
Admin 0 250 records 242 records 177 records
Admin 1 (states/provinces) 3565 records 64 records (US + Canada) 52 records (US)
Cities 7314 records 1248 records 326 records


Similar option for maps of  US for states and counties.

Last revision 1/26/2021