Parallel Profiles

Option on popup menu when right-clicking after drawing topographic profile (line of sight).  You can pick the spacing and the number of profiles to draw.

You must be careful that you first profile runs perpendicular to the features, and that the features remain consistent over the area selected.

LIDAR map, showing the original profile in cyan and 5 additional profiles on either side.  You can specify the profile spacing, in this case 25 m.
Original profile in red, 10 additional profiles in gay, and the average of the 11 profiles in lime green.

The lidar data is extremely noisy (vegetation), so the average in green might be a better estimate of the general trends.  The part of the profile closest to the shoreline shows the least variability.
Parallel profiles from SRTM along a range front fault scarp in Utah.

Profiles across the SE Indian Ocean Ridge.  These are 50 km apart

Last revision 1/15/2013