Alpha Blending Perspective and Photograph

Guth and Craven, 2006 describe a technique to register oblique photos take with a consumer digital camera or webcam.

Digital photo taken from Black Butte Fire Tower, Oregon. It shifts to a DEM perspective view with TIGER data overlaid.

Create Perspective view with :

On the file menu of the Perspective view view, select the "Alpha blend bitmap" option.

This is a complicated operation.  It pays to pay strict attention when capturing the photo to keep the camera horizontal.  You may well have to iterate multiple times to get a good match.


Fig. 1 of Guth and Craven, 2006. This is an iterative process, but our experience suggest that after an initial rough cut to get all parameters correct, this provides an efficient way to process.

Panorama view might help with matching photograph.

Last revision  6/4/2015