Aspect distribution by slope plots

Menu option on Geomorpometry analysis of Analyze menu

This diagram is actually a series of rose diagrams. The circles are radii of constant numbers of values; you get different numbers depending on the maximum frequency, which depends on the isotropy/anisotropy of the distribution and the total number of points in the slope interval.

If you want to get at the underlying data, go to the aspect distribution graph and make it the active window. You can then go to the "Analyze Graph", "View data" menu choice. Each slope interval will be in a text window that you can save or paste into another application--the first (x) value is the aspect direction, the second (y) value the count of elevations. Data set 1 is the lowest slope interval, working on up to the last.

If you want to see the slope and aspects plotted on an equal area stereo net,  pick the SSO diagram option. Eigenvector calculations on the SSO diagram can produce an intensity and direction of the topographic grain.

Last revision 10/13/2022