Mobile Mapping Options

Avenza PDF Maps.  Navigate on mobile with base maps created in MICRODEM

  • Download from (Android and iOS vesions).  Read license very carefully; it is very restrictive, and you must insure that you can legally use the free app. In particular the fine print does not allow educational use; you can only use the program for personal, non-commercial use.  It is great for hiking.
  • The program can use Geotiffs and GeoPDFs.  Geotiffs will convert much faster than GeoPDFs.  The program converts the map to a JPEG, with an XML registration file, before it can be used.
  • USGS 7.5' GeoPDF quads are a free download from the Avenza store inside the program.  These are older versions of the printed maps.
  • For other files, download to the PC  and then copy map to  Dropbox, or directly to  "This PC\Nexus 7\Internal storage\PDFMaps"
  • Displays GeoPDFs from the USGS store, but as a single image layer.  These are newer than the ones from the Avenza store (also bigger, and take longer for initial processing after you download them).  The most recent versions have hiking trails shown (not yet nationwide).
  • To download base maps from MICRODEM
    • Save Map as Image in Geotiff format.  Testing was on a grayscale hillshade, and a color hillshade, with files up to 110 MB which work.  Any map saved this way in MICRODEM should work, up to the unknown size limit.
    • Floating point Geotiff DEMs do not work.
    • Download the map from Dropbox (use + button on the Maps tab)
  • Save tracks on the settings with "Record GPS tracks"
  • Program can overlay KML/KMZ, but only points.
  • Export vis KML.  CSV exports only waypoints and not tracks.
Windows version


  • Uses OpenStreenMap, download so no internet connection required
  • Android, iOS
  • Open source code on github
  • Cannot (yet) save and export tracks

LizardTech free mapping software (has not been tested recently)

  mpMICRODEM on mobile
  GPSLogger (Free.  There are other apps with the same name, which might be better for your use, or just different)
GPS Test nice sky maps in the free version

last revised 8/29/2018