Focal Mechanisms Plot Options

Use with Plot single focal mechanism on the map by clicking on the map toolbar.

On Table view for focal mechanisms, pick Plot, and then Earthquake focal mechanisms, then beachballs .

  • Use a constant size, or scale by one of the magnitude measures.
  • Pick the radius in pixels of the beach balls.
  • Pick the magnitude range for magnitude scaling.


  • Use a constant, scale by one of the magnitude measures, or color by depth.
  • Pick the magnitude or depth range for color scaling.

You can set the size (in pixels) or the plots.  If you plot by magnitude, you can set the sizes for 3 and 10 which are somewhat beyond the smallest and largest quakes in the data base. You can pick the plotting on maps:

  • Color symbols color codes by fault type.
  • Beach balls draws focal mechanisms
  • Scale switch draws colored symbols at small scale, and focal mechanism at large scale when the pixel size is less that the threshold selected.

Last revision 10/21/2014