Bottom Panel Controls

  • Immediate redraws: when you change a setting, the map will immediately redraw.  If the layer takes a long time to draw, you might want to one redraw after making all changes, wuth the  Redraw button
  • Labels (all records)
  • Outline polygon
  • Track bar sets opacity for layer.  
  • Redraw map: clear map of any temporary overlays, but does not redraw this layer
  • Legend
  • Area/line/point symbol characteristics
  • Plot: redraw this layer.  If you have immediate redraws enabled, this will not often be necessary.
  • Filter:
  • Close
  • Help: display this topic.
  • Display: change the display option

This panel is used for many options on the PLOT button on the table display window.

Last revision 9/24/2018