Centroid separations

On Stats button popup menu on table display window.

You must pick whether the co-occurrences are

You must then pick:

You can then pick a database for the results.

Original data base.  It has a list of contracts between two towns, listed in the BUR and VIL1 fields.

Select the BUR and VIL1 fields

The title bar lists the data base name (CORMIMATR) and the two fields used.

String grid shows the results.  The two field will be listed in the rows and columns.  The numbers in the grid will be the number of times in the original data base base a record occurs with the two towns in the two fields.

This is a symmetric analysis; the matrix is symmetrical about the principal diagonal, and it does not matter which town is in which field. 

You can save this table as a CSV file, or an HTML file.  Neither can be used for statistical work in MICRODEM, because most of the town names are longer than 10 characters and cannot be field names in dBase tables, and in any case the format is probably not useful.

dBase table summarizing the results.  Each grid cell that is filled in has a record, with the first two fields those selected, and the N field showing the number of co-occurrences.


Do judicious filtering with this option, as it is very easy to get very complex results that don't reveal much.

Add lat/long coordinates  from a linked data base for the two towns, and then do a point separation plot to graphically look at the links between the towns.

This shows the trade relationships from cormicy to the towns around it--thicker lines indicate more contracts.

Last revision 2/13/2011