Difference Change Map Display Options


If you have an old change map created before version 2023.2.16, it did not correctly record change for the z units in the grid.  You can fix with with Edit,    Set z units.

For a grid recorded as a change grid, you can selected the change display:

Three color classes:


Control the display with the three tabs:

  • Single cutoff use plus and minus the value
  • High and low cutoffs can be any desired values
  • Percentiles: allows specifiction of the cutoffs by percentiles within the difference distribution

Change percentiles show below.  If the Positive change is the 80th percentile, 20% of the points fall there.

Change category map  will have byte values and a lookup table to create a legend.  It will also allow creating statisitcs with the points in the DEM in each category (Geomorphometry by categories).

An effective display uses one of the DEMs being compared and


last modified 3/25/2023