Coastal Lidar Survey Time Series

There are 6959 profile lines done with the CRAB, between  1981 and 2007.  Raw data was acquired from and converted into a 3D line shapefile.

Open DEM opens the data file(s), with a map.  Change Display parameter by right clicking on the map.

Multiple DEM profiles show results from LIDAR surveys. Directions there show how to get the legend.


OpenGL 3D view depicts the beach.


Load Database on one of the LIDAR maps for 3D line shapefile with CRAB survey lines.

Filter option restricts to one of the survey lines, a particular date, or a month.  In addition to the standard filter options, there are quick filter options on a second toolbar which let you pick a data, a survey line, a year, or a month.

Survey line 62 on LIDAR map. There are 249 different profiles over the time period on this line.  They are all at essentially the same location, although some extend into deeper water.
Crab profile.  Double click on a record in the data base table, and pick 3D shapefile profile option.
Crab profile in red and points from the LIDAR DEM in blue.  Double click on a record in the data base table, and pick "Compare shape file and DEM profiles" option.

Last revision 6/20/2016