Compare Two Point Clouds

This could be used:

LIDAR Point cloud  and open the first point cloud.

Compare tab to open the second cloud. From here you can compare:

Map view:
  • Left is original classified LAS file.
  • Right is vegetation LAS recreated from Vegetation density voxel grids.  Buildings show up as anomalies, and the density of ground points is much less.
Slice view
  • Top view is original LAS point cloud, with minimal classification.
  • Bottom view is a LAS file recreated from the vegetation density grids.
Slice view
  • Top view is leaf-on, bottom is leaf-off two months earlier.


Animation of two point clouds,
  • original classified
  • recreated from the vegetation densities 
Multiple profiles through two DEMs created from snow covered and snow free conditions.  The grids are floors in the point cloud, which show spikes on tree trunks.

Last revision 6/4/2015