Copernicus DEM

Copernicus DEM:



The names for the DEMs have a lot of variability. 


?CPP10_DGED? and ?CPP10_DTED? are the Package names for version 2019 of the 30m product

?CPP30_DGED 20? and ?CPP30_DTED 20? are the Package names for version 2020 of the 30m product



The 2020 version substitutes the 2019 version. Use 2020 always where available. Discrepancies between both versions are not due to time update, but to improvements in the product.

Determining the version is not easy.


This is changing very rapidly, and might not be current.  The suggestions are based on my personal experience, and hopefully the download will get easier.


The easiest way to get the Copernicus, though not without some caveats, is from OpenTopography (Directions)

AWS had the COP data, at

Downloads at  this is current as of 6/30/2021

Everything below here may or may not still be valid.  It is still here in case things change (again) and you have to go looking.  I look forward to deleting this because the access has become simple, but until then this might be helpful


A few things I hope are helpful:

b) you need (as for any Copernicus data access) a registration. Once you have that a reasonable explanantion about how to get especially ftp access (which most of us will want) is here: c) further useful links regarding license, product handbook etc are here:



Other Key Global Regional DEMs

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