Create Climograph Data

Data sources:

Open a world base map.  Alternatively open any map, but you must have a large enough area to show some of the climate stations.

Open  Koppen climate classification on the map toolbar.  You must have downloaded the climate database.

Check the edit box on the right of the form.

Hit the Edit button, and then select insert record.

Enter the data on this form. 

You must enter:

  • Lat  (remember south is negative)
  • Long (remember west is negative)
  • Place (the station name)
  • Monthly average temperatures (in C)
  • Monthly precipitation in cm (note that the web site may give it in mm, and you must convert)

You should enter:

  • Elevation
  • Source (the very last field in the form)

Hit "Post edits" button when done.


Get the climograph:
  • Right click on the line for your new location in the data table, and pick "Climograph" from the pop up menu.  This will save the classification and color, so your new station will behave like all other stations when plotting data.

Potential evapotranspiration

last revision 8/8/2017