Create Survey Track Lines

Open a map, such as gridded bathymetry or a nautical chart.  For the Annapolis area, you can do this at the bottom of the File, Open submenu, Annapolis harbor maps.  You can choose from a 30 m bathymetric grid, or nautical charts in three scales.

Start with right click on the map  at the starting point of the survey, and pick "Create survey lines" option.


Choose settings.  See the example below for the explanation of the parameters.

Plot: plots track lines on the map.

Create DB: creates a points database with the end points of the track lines. 

Plot: plots track lines on the map.

 Starting point is wreck marked "PA (for position approximate) in the SW portion of the survey areas

  • The lines head toward 330 (the reverse lines will be 150).  This might be the direction of the tide, or in this case a direction that minimizes changes in depth.
  • The line length is 250 m toward the NW from the starting location
  • Lines extend 100 m to the SE from the starting location
  • There are a total of 8 line
    •  5 lines to the right of the first track line (+90 to the heading).
    • 2 lines to the left of the first track line (-90 to the heading).

You can save the map as a Geotiff (File, Save map as image, As Geotiff, screen scale (color))  and import that onto an Android cell phone(ianMICRODEM on mobile)  to track your progress.

Waypoint DB for tracklines


Last revision 4/11/2016