Throughout the development of  TerraBase II, Mark Adams at Fort Leonard Wood was the force behind the scenes in testing new versions, suggesting enhancements, and generally stressing the program before users encountered problems.  With his moving on to work with the Forest Service, all users of MICRODEM, and especially those in the military, lost a key player in the program's development.  Mark is unlikely to be replaced in all that he contributed. Without someone like him there cannot be another release of  TerraBase II.

Thanks to the following individuals for creating components or code used in MICRODEM.  Many of these credits do not include a link to a website, because the original links are now broken.

We believe that our use of all these components fully complies with their individual copyright provisions, and their listing here acknowledges our debt to the authors of each component.

The following components have been removed, but at one time each contributed to the program:

last revised 12/5/2016