GIS Database Options Tab

Tab on options form, brought up from Options choice on program menu.

  • Avoid text overwriting
  • Plot on all maps
  • Save data base status: current display options.
  • Track database ranges: a linked database will be created with the max/min in each field, which can be used to greatly speed up color coding of the map with database fields.
  • Auto enhance shape files: should be set. This adds the bounding box to each record in the dbf file, and allows queries and filters using the database engine.
  • Show second data base toolbar
  • Show boundaries of colored regions
  • Relabel on map redraw
  • Autoassign label field
  • Area: the fill pattern used by default for area shapefiles.
  • Outline selections: outlines selected regions after you are done picking them.  Works with outlines of rectangular and irregular regions on the Map query.
  • Add MASK field when merging shape files, with the number of mask fields to create
  • Always show coordinate edits
  • GIS edits: unless this is set, you cannot edit the database. Even when set, you must also check the checkbox on the table display window to verify that you really want to edit the data. unless you pick "Always allowed".
  • Min integer field size: when creating a new database, this will be the minimum size. Unless you will create very large databases, this should be larger than you think you will need, to avoid problems when you later want to add or edit records with a larger value.
  • Default points: the point symbol to use for the first data base to be opened.
  • Text as separate layer: this may lead to artefacts around some letters.
  • Quick shape file definitions. Determines whether you must define fields when you digitize a shape file, or get a quick default which you can modify later by adding fields.
  • Multiple filters for DB graphs:
  • Start STAT graphs with reversed y-axis (this is automatic the the Y axis field is DEPTH or DEPTH_*)
  • Show shapefile donut message
  • Create 3D shapefiles: if set, and there is a DEM on the map which you are creating the shapefile from, it will be a 3D shapefile.
  • Save intermediate DBFs: when you edit a database by adding fields, there is a potential for corruption.  If this is selected, a backup will be created in the same directory, with ''old_db_file_' at the start and "~.bak" at the end of the file name.  There is an option of the Data Manipulation form, Delete menu, to clean these out when you are sure that you do not need them.

Last revision 6/28/2013