Data Base Table Display Options

If there are multiple databases open, each will have its own window.

Current record count will be displayed at the bottom of the form in the status bar.  The number will change as you filter the database using  Filter or Map query options.

Double clicking on a record in data base will get pop up menu with options.

Double clicking on field name will get pop up menu with options.

The form has following controls:

  •     Toggle database display on and off.  You can perform the same function on the Table of contents on the Map Window Toolbar
  • Symbol and color selection.
  • Filter: restrict display to only  records that meet specified criteria. This can be done geographically (most easily with a map query)
  • All recs:  after you limit the data with either a filer or a query, future operations on the data will use only the selected records unless you revert to all the records.  If this button is disabled, the database is not filtered and all operations will use the full data set.
  • Plot: plot selected records on the map
  • Stats: perform statistical operations (not map based) on the database. 
  • Map queryGeographically filter data; restriction will remain in effect until removed.
  • ID: identify records on associated map by double clicking. Same as  ID button on map toolbar.
  • Report: save current filtered database in several formats. Hidden fields are not included.
  • Edit:  you must enable this option in the program defaults, and with the checkbox, because any changes you make are permanent.
  • Hide: keep unwanted fields from displaying.
  • Help: display this file.

Additional toolbars may be present:


Key options with database.

Default database plotting.

Database accessory files.


Customize display:

Edit data in table:

Last revision 6/10/2020