Data Formats Supported

DEMS & Bathymetry Imagery Scanned Maps Vector Data Text Data Point Clouds
USGS  GEOTIFF, single file GEOTIFF ESRI Shapefile--the best and most popular vector format Gazetteer
  • USGS
  • NGA
NGA DTED, Levels 0, 1, and 2 GEOTIFF, multi-file GeoPDF Census TIGER shapefile Data    
USGS GTOPO30           
SRTM elevation files (HGT files) USGS DOQQ         
NGDC Coastal Relief (*.G03) (*.G98)          
NOS EEZ Bathymetry (*.PRU) MrSid imagery         
      NGA VPF (after GDAL import to Shapefile)    
Canadian CDED (USGS ASCII format)   GMT vector format    
ETOPO NLCD--National Land Cover Database   BLM PLSS Shapefiles    
GEOTIFF     e00 files after conversion    
UK OS DEM        
  NASA Blue Marble 1 km MODIS imagery        
IBCAO Arctic bathymetry          
Arc/Info E00 files (ASCII)          
LIDAR coastal bathymetry ArcView BIP         
ADF grids ESRI IMG (via GDAL)        
BT--Virtual Terrain Project version 1.0 only ECW (via GDAL)        
ASTER DEMs (Geotiff) Images (BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF) with world file        
netCDF, digital bathymetry (via GDAL)          

*May not read all variants of these formats

+Uses a converter which imposes some limitations

All data used must be registered, meaning that it has earth coordinates associated with the data.  While the program has some capabilities to create and register data sets, this requires a high degree of user sophistication and is not recommended for most users.

Last revised 8/19/2015