Frequency table

From STATS button on table display window.  Pick either a single field, or two fields.

Single field option also available by double clicking on field name

Single field
  • Two columns, the selected field and the number of occurrences in the (possibly filtered) database
  • You can change the font, save as a CSV or HTML file, and sort ascending/descending by either alphabetical value in the field or the numerical count.

Possible use:

  • Input database with list of tornadoes, with the FIPS code for county where each occurred.
  • This option produces the number of tornadoes in each county.
  • Note the field is the state and county FIPS code, and n is the number of tornadoes.
  • Save this as a CSV file, and then import that as a database.
  • Link/join data base to a county shape file.
  • Plot number of tornadoes per county, or compute the number of tornadoes per square kilometer.
Two fields
  • Option shows the number of times a string occurs in either of the two fields.
  • Possible use: The input data base has lists of towns, in two fields, recording financial transactions.

Last revision 8/7/2021