Database Date and Time Fields

Submenu on "EDIT" button on database table form.  The button is only enabled if you check the box on the right of the row of buttons, since all changes are permanent (save a copy of the database if you are concerned about editing mistakes).

Time fields used by MICRODEM database operations:

Name Type Example Notes
HOUR Integer    
MINUTE Integer    
SECOND Integer    
DAY Integer    
MONTH Integer    
YEAR Integer    
DEC_HOURS Float    
DEC_DAYS Float    
START_DATE String 1999-12-31T23:59:59Z (UTC) Used for KML/KMZ
END_DATE String    
DATE String MM/DD/YY If the year only has two digits, for values less than 20 it assumes the 21st century, and for 21 to 99 it assumes the 20th century.  The date does not require leading zeroes for month and day.

Last revision 2/16/2016