TIGER Overview

  TIGER shapefile are now the primary option for Tiger data.  The program only use the shapefiles.

Download TIGER data

Use TIGER data base.

Multiple ways to plot TIGER files:

By default MICRODEM uses smart scaling to show increasing levels of detail as you zoom in.



TIGER data for Pulaski County, Missouri, showing smart scaling over a range of scales that vary by a factor of 40.

TIGER plotting options can be set by right click on the map window with TIGER data plotted, and selecting Map Overlays from the popup menu. You can set the following:

You can also use TIGER auto-plotting to plot the TIGER overlay every time a map is plotted. Pick this on the Vector Map tab of the map options form, which requires that you index the TIGER files.

OpenStreetMap.  Alternative in US (includes building footprints) and rest of the world; TIGER is only US.

Tiger WMS: https://tigerweb.geo.census.gov/tigerwebmain/tigerweb_wms.html

Last revised 8/14/2019