Graphical Point Verification

If the option for Verify Coordinates is set to All or Reasonable, you can verify points using the blown up window covering the region in the vicinity of your initial mouse click on the selection map. This map should have a reasonable default contour interval.  Your current location will be shown in the status bar at the bottom of the program window.  The point on which you clicked on the main map will be the center of this window.

This allows you to insure that your selected point lies on the top of a hill, the crest of a ridge, or other critical location, by judging exactly where it appears in the DEM. Depending on the quality of the DEM, this might not be at the same coordinates on a paper map. It may also be difficult to correctly pick the point you want from the DEM, depending on the size of the DEM and the window on screen.

You must move the mouse to the correct location on this window; your previous selection from the main map will be in the center of the window, but the mouse cursor will not automatically be located there.

Turn off coordinate verification if you do not need the degree of control this option provides for point selection.

Last revision 12/3/2011