DEMIX 10K Tiles

This is a system of nominally 10 km tiles covering the entire world.  The actual spacing is in arc minutes, and each 1x1 degree tile on earth is divided into 10-100 subtiles


Table 1.  Tile dimensions by latitude zone

Zone abs(Lat) Tile size
(arc min)
Tiles per 1 degree 1"x1" Points per tile


85-90 60x6 1x10 3600x360


80-85 30x6 2x10 1800x360


70-80 20x6 3x10 1200x360


60-70 12x6 5x10 720x360
2 50-60 10x6 6x10 600x360


0-50 6x6 10x10 360x360

The letters used for the subtiles exclude N/S and E/W because those are used for the 1 degree tile names, and I/O because they can be confused for 1/0  Tile Naming: [N,S]yy[LatLetter] [W,E]xxx[LongLetter]
In MICRODEM, create a shapfile with the tile boundaries and names to cover any map

Last revision 7/27/2022