Digital Map Data

MICRODEM  supports many data formats.  

Suggested sources of free data.  

Index data for easy access

Digital elevation model (DEM) provides geometric base for 3D operations. It is a grid, a special kind of raster data, and includes underwater bathymetry Scanned maps--DRG, ADRG, CADRG, and NOAA nautical charts.  Raster data.  "Dumb picture" version of a map. Land cover classification, raster data with about two dozen categories. Satellite Imagery, Remote sensing raster data,  like Landsat TM Point Clouds from airborne LIDAR.

Points clouds from terrestrial scanning lidar. Gazetteers (Text data), which locate places by name. Vector maps-- especially Shapefiles GIS Database: tabular data linked to geographic records, either point, line, or area.  This is a specialized kind of vector data.  

Some data sets consist of multiple files, and you must pick the correct file to open the data set.

All data used must be registered, meaning that it has earth coordinates associated with the data.  While the program has some capabilities to create and register data sets, this requires a high degree of user sophistication and is not recommended for most users.

Last revision 8/5/2015