Drag geography maps

Options set on  Geology/Geography tab of  Options  form. Create maps showing geographic variations.

 Koppen climate classification on the Map toolbar icon to open the climates database. 

  Select a station, and drag its climograph to the desired location on the map. 

  • Click slowly and carefully on the station.
  • Wait for the graph to appear.
  • Move to the desired location.
  • Double click.

One Options sets the color of the line connecting the climograph to its map location.  The optimal color depends on the base map you are using.


Sunrise-sunset icon on  Main toolbar, or from Analyze menu.
  • Do not double click
  • Depress the left mouse button.
  • Drag graph to desired location.  A line will trail from the map location to the graph.
  • Release left mouse button.

Last revision 9/15/2009