Taudem Operations

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Step Program Algorithm Input Output file name addition
Pit removal:     UTM DEM in Geotiff format ife
Flow directions   D8   sd8--D8 slope grid (slope measured as drop/distance)
p --  D8  flow direction
    Dinf   slp--  Dinf slope grid
ang-- Dinf  flow direction
Contributing area   D8   ad8
    Dinf   sca
Grid Network   D8   plen--longest upslope path
gord--Strahler order
tlen--total upstream parth length
Peuker Douglas:  upward curved grid cells, generally lacks connectivity and requires thinning       ss--stream source grid
Stream Definition by Threshhold        
Stream reach and watershed (Streamnet):     fel
src  needed
Topographic Wetness Index TWI      

Get TAUDEM, at http://hydrology.usu.edu/taudem/taudem5/index.html

Documentation: http://hydrology.usu.edu/taudem/taudem5/documentation.html

  • Last revision 8/21/2018