3D Map Options

This needs updating 6/9/19;

Anaglyph map require red/blue glasses


Works with any map with a DEM associated.

  • Hide map grids if you do not want MICRODEM to add UTM or lat/long grid.
  • Shading, shading options use a reflectance merge, and set the sun location for shading
    • None
    • Reflectance
    • Terrain shadows
  • Stereo mode:
    • None
    • Anaglyph for red-blue glasses.
    • Stereo pair: creates two maps with a different viewport, which can for instance be used in the Geowall.  These can also be saved and displayed on a 3D capable monitor with shutter glasses. If you select this option, you will be taken into a stereo viewing window.
  • Separate DEM: use a DEM for the elevations; particularly effective for slope maps, Landcover grids, differences maps, and similar maps.
  • Max Displacement:  affects the amount of vertical exaggeration.  The displacement for the second image is computed based on the relief in the map area.  The points with the highest relief above the low spot on the map will be displaced this number of pixels, scaled to smaller displacements until the low spot on the map will not be displaced.
  • Twin pairs file name: Output files will be placed in \mapdata\images.

hillshading examples

Last revision 4/25/2018