Drift Model

The motion of a drifting ship can be considered to be the sum of the following:

This model uses hourly time steps.

Possible drift trajectory for the Bonhomme Richard, September 1779.  Green is the tide motion, blue the ship motion which combines the wind acting on the ship any headway made by attempting to said, and the red is the combined resultant.

This option is experimental, subject to change, and may or may not be of any use to anyone.  The specific conditions for which it was developed may or may not be generally applicable.  We may or may not modify it to make it useful (or more useful) and could remove it at any time.  Given all that, we would be willing to talk about making this more helpful.



Drift: plot the motions.

Movie: create  animation.


Plot of the 5 models and their end points.


Requires a database with the following fields (other fields optional):

Last revision 1/30/2017