Edit Menu

Menu  choice available with a DEM available for the active map window. 

  • Mask map
  • Mark as missing submenu
  • DEM Holes submenu
  • Reclassify: take a single value, and replace it with a new value
    • Single value
    • Range to single value
    • All valid to single value
    • +Inf
    • NAN
    • Replace from second grid: every valid value in the second, already opened grid will replace the nearest grid posting in the grid being edited.
    • Class by distance
  • Remove: set a threshold.  If a single point is this much, or more, higher or lower than all eight neighbors, it will be replaced with the average of those eight points.
    • Single point spires
    • Single point pits
  • Flatten tails
    • High end
    • Low end
    • Flatten Lake:
  • Outline regions submenu (below)
  • Single grid arithmetic  (or map algebra)
  • Set z units
  • Vertical datum shift: you can shift between the WGS84 ellipsoid, and the EGM2008 geoid
  • Edit point elevations
  • Edit DEM grid
  • Reload DEM: if you have unsaved edits you want to discard, you can reload the original DEM.
  • Edit gazetteer symbology
  • Edit fans
  • Quarter DEM
  • Re-register image
  • Merge all images
Outline regions options:
  • region of interest--outline a polygon, and the program will subset the DEM to include just the points within it.
  • holes
  • lakes
  • region to fill holes with reference DEM
  • region to replace values with reference DEM

Last revision 10/13/2019