Edit Line/Perimeter for Shape File--Currently Disabled

One of the options on a popup menu when you click on a record in table display window.

Open the shapefile with the Database menu option or the Database button on the Map Window Toolbar.

Check the checkbox on the database table display to enable edits.

Pick  record to edit on the table displaying the database by double clicking, and then pick the top menu choice.  If it is not available, you do not have edits enabled or you do not have an line/area shapefile..
The record will be outlined in green, with each vertex shown as a red square.

By default you will be dragging vertices.

Drag Vertex.  Drag and drop vertices to a new location.  You must click on a vertex, and drag it to the new location.
Use the save edits button, which will appear after you have made an edit.
Right click on the map, to change the option:
  • Drag vertex
  • Insert vertex
  • Delete vertex
  • Save edits (only available after you have made changes)  This is the same as the Save Edits button.
Insert vertex.  You must click on the line between two, and drag it to the new location.  Note the new vertices on the left side, with blue lines showing the previous locations. 


Last revision 12/13/2017