Calling External Programs

MICRODEM can use external GIS tools for some options:

Library Function Use in MICRODEM
Google Earth Pro for download issues  in one browser (e.g. Chrome) try another (e.g. Edge).   Quick exploration of a region with reasonable imagery and easy operation.  More details.
GDAL Data format translation, subsets, merging Used from many less common projections, and to manipulate data sets.
LAStools (read license carefully) Manipulate lidar point clouds Reproject LAS files with unusual projections





WhiteBox toolbox


Orfeo toolbox





RVT Relief Visualization toolbox    
ACOLITE Shallow water properties, SENTINEL-2  
PROJ4 Projections MICRODEM does not use, only because we need the code to run on Android, and the conversion would be painful.

Similar general operations are done with:

These tools are designed to be called from the command line, or from scripts.  To call them, MICRODEM

MICRODEM's Design Philosophy

last revised 6/1/2022