File metadata

Option on the Analyze menu.

Select a file and get a pop up window with its metadata and characteristics.
  • ESRI Shapefile
  • DBF file
  • LAS--you can find if the problem is with MICRODEM, or the data files.
    • via MICCRODEM--this will be faster, as it just reads the header
    • via  Lasinfo--reads the entire file, and provides some statistics
  • Geotiff: you can view the structure of a TIFF or GEOTIFF. This may require looking upt the GEOTIFF specs to make full sense of the output.
  • GDALinfo: GeoPDF, GetTIFF, or IMG
  • MrSid imagery: image only available if you have downloaded the tools from Lizard Tech.
  • EXIF
  • DTED
  • XTF sidescan
  • XML
  • VRML
  • Map projection

Last revision 2/11/2018