Filtering LAS

LIDAR Point cloud form  option


Filters tab: checkbox determines if filters will be used.

Select the filters to use, and the values.

Elevation checks can exclude high and low points, that are not identified as noise.  You can use a histogram to find values to use, or EW and NS slices through the point cloud.

  • Titan Channel uses the PointID field in the LAS point record.   Optech Titan has three channels: 1550, 1064, and 532 nm. The values used are 1 (1550 nm), 2 (1064 nm), and 3 (532 nm), and are stored in the User Data record of the Point Data records in the LAS file.
  • User data record is used by some NCALM data to record the laser channel.


Last revision 4/10/2018