FTP Problems

There are still a lot of 4 letter agencies (e.g. NOAA, NASA, USGS) who supply mapping data via FTP.

As more data providers switch to HTTP/HTTPS downloads, this should be less of a problem.  When there is a problem, it is as likely to be with your institutional network and its security settings as it is with the browser, so trying to download at home is usually a good first option (it might also be faster as well, and saves the joy of dealing with the good folk in IT).

If data downloads via FTP fail because of network security problems, you should try Internet Explorer (screen captures from IE 11)

Click the gear icon on the far top right of the IE screen.  This must be for the browser, and not something like the email client.

Pick internet options on the popup menu
Go to the Advanced tab.

  "Use passive FTP"

This will "work", but only for a single file at a time.



Last revision 1/5/2020