Google Earth Controls

  To save just the map, use the Edit, Copy image menu choice.  This will copy the map to clipboard, from where you can paste into Word or PowerPoint.
  To change the symbolization of a layer, right click on it, Pick "Properties", and then select the "Style, Color" tab.
  To add a lat/long graticule: View menu, check "Grid"
The table of contents on the left side of Google Earth shows the map layers.  You can check/uncheck them to toggle between the map layer, and the underlying imagery or other layers.  Your layers could appear in either "My Places" or "Temporary Places".

To delete a layer, right click on it, and pick "Delete".

To save a layer, right click on it, and pick "Save place as".  You can save folders and all layers under them.  It is best to save a KMZ rather than KML (less disk space, and it keeps all files together.

The bottom section has layers, which you may want to remove to avoid clutter:

  • Borders and labels
  • Photos
  • Roads
The slider on the bottom of the table of contents lets you make the layers partly transparent.  Moving it all the way to the left makes the layers invisible.
This shows a geologic map draped over the topography on the top, the imagery on the bottom, and a mix in the middle.
To rotate in 3D, hold down the shift key and click on the surface.  While you keep the shift key down, the mouse can rotate about that point, indicated with the white symbol.

Last revision 9/19/2013