Geology Popup from Map Window

Button on map window toolbar brings up pop up menu (also available on Overlay menu):

  • Plate boundaries: loads data base with plate boundaries, color coded by the type of boundary.
  • Continental crust: shows boundaries of continental crust, which includes the shelves and some oceanic plateaus. 
  • Earthquake focal mechanisms.  This has >43,000 earthquakes since the 1970's and is the most versatile data set for earthquakes. It can show the type of fault involved.
  • Major historic earthquakes: loads a data base with major earthquakes. This will show 3526 major earthquakes, going back to 2150 BC. These are someone's idea of the most important earthquakes, and not necessarily representative of where earthquakes occur
  • Volcanoes: loads a data base with a listing of 1518 volcanoes from the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian.
  • Fracture zones: loads a data base of marine fracture zones.  
  • Marine magnetic anomalies: loads data base with digitized marine magnetic anomalies. 
  • Magnetic anomaly picks plots points from a database, with times and magnetic anomaly identifications.
  • Coast lines
  • Rivers
  • Plate rotations
  • Hot spots. 
  • Age-depth plot
  • Cande and Kent time scale for Marine magnetic time scale
  • Seismic fence diagram
  • DSDP/ODP/IODP drilling
  • Trenches
    • Slab dip
    • Slab depth
  • Structural Geology Computations
  • Focal plane analysis
  • Project focal mechanism to surface
Geology Vector layers

Last revision 4/11/2019