High Resolution Imagery from Earth Explorer


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  • Easiest is to "Use map" after zooming in to region
  • Alternatively, "Add coordinate" to outline box. 

Pick data sets.  If you want Landsat.

This shows the two most useful sources for high resolution imagery.

There is a range of historical imagery.  

  • The NAIP will be in JP2 compression, which greatly decreases the file size.  It can now be warped to load directly by MICRODEM.  The files covered a quarter quad of the standard 7.5 USGS quandranges, with probably 1 m resolution.
  • The high resolution will have variable resolution, but in developed regions could be good as 6 inches.

Search results.

The useful buttons:

  • Show footprint, to see what a tile shows.
  • Show metadata and browse
  • Download

If you are just downloading a few files, use it from this page.  If you are downloading a lot, you can use the Cart and then one of the following.

Data sampler

TIF images will be buried several layers down, in a vol001 directory.  You can open them more easily with the imagery folder option.

You might have to warp the image to usable UTM coordinates, on the Resample menu, if it is in SPCS.  You can either see if the image plots in the correct location, or check the metadata online or in the index001 driectory.

Last revision 2/22/2022