Using Traditional DEMs

Basics of running MICRODEM

Open DEM to open a raster data set called a Digital Elevation Model (DEM).  You should have three available; open them all if your computer's RAM allows.  These show three distinct scales of DEM, although in reality DEMs scales come on a continuum.

Information on the map, from the Map Window Toolbar, or menu item Info, information on the map

Change the DEM display.  This will be most useful with the lidar DSM and the MERIT, and looking at a relatively small area at 1:1 map view

Multiple DEM profiles, on the Main Program Toolbar

OpenGL 3D view,  from the Map Window Toolbar.

Close all the DEMs except the MERIT.

Open image, and pick the Landsat 8 scene subset that is in c:\mapdata\tm8_atlas.  You can select any of the TIF files; the program will recognize and open all the bands.

OpenGL 3D view to observe the terrain


Last revision 11/2/2017