GIS in Geology and Plate Tectonics

Open image.  Select one of the TIF Band files for the Landsat 8 of the RIF (do not select the QA band).  We will look at Landsat with only 10 bands, instead of the hyperspectral with 200, because the hyperspectral takes 400 times longer.  The code in MICRODEM needs to be optimized to be much faster (perhaps using multi-threading), and to work with the much larger matrices required by Hyperion.


Raster data, global coverage.  These are in MICRODEM format, and can be converted to GeoTiff for use in other programs.

Larger scale DEMs,like  SRTM, MERIT, or ASTER GDEM,  provide good base maps for almost any geoscience-related project.  The grayscale hillshade provides an excellent starting map.

Vector data.

Non GIS databases

Plate rotations